2020 Events

Update - 25/05/2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all club events remain cancelled.

Summer runs


                        Shetland Classic Motor Show - event CANCELLED

                        Simmer Dim Rally - event CANCELLED

Sun. 28th         Houbansetter.


Wed. 1st          Walk to Njugals Water and WW2 bunker.

Sun. 12th         Back-the-way four-pointer. Full tank of fuel required!

Sun. 26th         Boat trip to Papa Stour or Binna Ness & Jackville. Early start, details t.b.c.


                        Orkney Classic Motor Show - event CANCELLED

Wed. 5th          Califf.

Sun. 16th         Run with visiting Vincent Club members - trip CANCELLED

Sun. 30th         Boat trip to Oxna, details t.b.c.


Wed. 2nd         Garths Ness.

Sun. 13th         Yell trip to David and Beattie's; Whale Firth Voe and hill road from Dalsetter                             to Cullivoe.  Early start, details t.b.c.

Sun. 27th         Sunday teas run.  Details t.b.c.


Sun. 11th         Hillswick Hotel for lunch.  Early start, details t.b.c.

Please note, reminders and further details/changes for all runs will be sent by e-mail and SMS a few days beforehand. All runs depart from Islesburgh Community Centre north car-park at 7:00 p.m. for Wednesday evening runs, and at 2:00 p.m. for all weekend runs, unless otherwise stated.

Important information

On all club runs, riders are expected to keep an eye on the person behind. If they stop, you should also stop when safe to do so. This ultimately alerts the group leader that there is a problem, and enables a prompt recovery.

Winter events


Wed. 4th         Visit to Lerwick Power Station.  Details t.b.c.


Wed. 2nd        Mulled wine and mince pies at Frank's Emporium, Market Street.

January 2021:

Wed 6th          Club AGM.  Details t.b.c.




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